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Myenergi Zappi 2 review summary  – This is the EV Home Charger I have installed at home.

  • The Myenergi Zappi 2 is compatible with every EV on the market.
  • It comes in two colour black and white.
  • Three years warranty.
  • Available 7kWh single-phase (most domestic homes) or 22kWh three-phase power supply.
  • Available as tethered or untethered. (when a charging cable is attached to the untethered version it can be locked into the charging unit so that it cannot be stolen) ⭐️


  • PEN fault protection. No earth rod required.⭐️
  • Fuse protection.⭐️
  • Dynamic load balancing. ⭐️

Solar / Wind Charging.

  • Solar compatible. Make sure you order an extra CT clam so you can make use of all the Zappi 2 features that come with solar generation. (One of the best chargers for solar. There are lots and lots of extras available. It’s great. The extra features require extra pieces of equipment but they take this to a whole new level! You can balance your home solar use from hot water generation to  EV charging, battery storage, etc. It stops your battery from draining for example if you have your EV on charge.)⭐️👏
  • 3 modes of charging – Fast, Eco, and Eco Plus. ⭐️👏  (Eco plus is solar only, Eco adjusts to supply based on your home energy use and availability of free solar and Fast will charge the EV at the fastest rate and will import grid electricity if there is insufficient surplus generated power.)
  • Graphical back-lit LCD screen for ease of use ⭐️ (I really like this the displays also shows where the energy is coming from eg grid, solar etc.)
  • Charging status light shaped like a thunderbolt- When the unit is using 100% solar or wind it turns green 💚.  It turns pink when it connected, white when charging from the grid only, yellow when charging from the grid and solar or wind and blue charge completed. (There’s a red option but we don’t want to see that as there’s an error 🤷‍♀️)
  • Can view lots of data on the app. (looks similar to the Tesla app) Monitoring the flow of the energy from solar to your home, the charger, to the grid, etc BUT this additional feature requires an extra CT clamp. (£15 per additional CT clamp)
@sarah_go_green @myenergi Zaapi v2.1 with built in wifi. It is a great #evhomecharger which can link up with #solarenergy and does #loadbalancing. #zappi ♬ original sound – sarah_go_green

Additional pointers.

  • Smart charging. It can link to time of use tariffs such as Octopus Energy Agile tariff and scheduled charging. ⭐️
  • Doesn’t require wifi at the site of installation. (uses a radio transmitter built into the unit. The hub is connected to your wifi router and then talks to the Zappi charger by radio signal.)
  • Pin lock on the charger to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Locking pin for your charging cable if you have the untethered unit. ⭐️
  • Option for 3 CT clamps which helps future-proof unit. (you can connect up solar, battery storage etc)⭐️
  • Firmware updates are not automatic but have to be downloaded from the hub.
  • Designed in the UK.
  • Dimensions: 362 x 220 x 78mm
  • You can buy an extended 5-year warranty on the Zappi 2. (I took them up on this offer for peace of mind)

Who is Myenergi?

Myenergi was founded in the UK in 2016 and is based in Lincolnshire, UK. The first Zappi charger was created in 2017 with the modified Zappi 2 being launched in 2019. I have quite a soft spot for the CEO Jordan Brompton she is quite a whirlwind and is always innovating and looking for ways to improve the company. A really great female role model in the EV world.  I have written a blog post about her recent endeavours to overcome the global chip shortage.

What EV home chargers do Myenegi offer?

Myenergi has one charger which is the Zappi BUT it has so many added extras that you can link up to it!!! It’s slightly mind-boggling how much can be connected!

Myenergi Harvi is a wireless CT clamp that doesn’t require batteries or an additional power source. – £55

Myenergi Eddi looks at what’s being generated by home solar or wind generation and intelligently diverts it to heat your water.

Using a mix and match of myenergi products you can really make the most of any green energy you may be generating so you reduce your costs and make the most of all the free energy you are generating at home.

How does the Myenergi Zappi 2 compare at price?

The Myenergi Zappi 2 is around £1065 installed with an OLEV grant. It is a higher price point than other EV charging units but if you have solar it is well worth considering as it could save you money. If you don’t have solar panels then you could look for similar functionality in a cheaper EV charger. It depends on how much you like the product or if you are considering solar in the future.

What do other Myenergi Zappi 2 reviews say?

On Trustpilot, Myenergi scores 4.5 out of 5 stars.  There are some comments about the speed of support but in general lots of positive reviews. This charger is really popular with energy nerds. The feedback is also the Zappi still look great after a couple of years outside.  The LCD panel is backlit and seems to be easy to read even after being exposed to sunlight over several years. The only issue I had read relates to a failed seal on the original Zappi charger where water has leaked in and has effect the grey panel below the LCD display on some units. This hasn’t stopped the Zappi from working but has made the buttons looked weathered. Zappi has resolved this for customers by sending replacement panels that are easy to switch over by undoing a few screws.  Even I could cope with that!

What is Myenergi customer service like?

Reviews suggest that Myenergi is good at replacing items if need be under warranty. There are some negative reviews about the speed of response but I know that the CEO is very active on Twitter and is always keen to help resolve issues.

What is the Myenergi website/app like?

The graphics are very easy to understand. On the app, you can be easily hypnotised watching the flow of energy around your home. The one gripe is that not everything available on the app can be accessed on the website and vice versa. Historical data is accessible but the format and download options aren’t as slick as some other apps. Firmware updates aren’t automatic. To download updates you have to hold the button down on the hub and download. Then you have to request an update via the chargers LCD display menu. You can schedule charging and set maximum energy prices if you have a tariff with dynamic pricing.

Does the Myenergi Zappi 2 offer smart charging?

Yes, it does. The Zappi is one of the only units to offer solar and smart charging via dynamic pricing.

How to contact Myenergi?

You can contact Myenergi in a number of ways.

ev charger review

Myenergi Zappi 2 Review.

What’s in your new Myenergi Zappi 2 box?

  • It’s a big cardboard box as the charger is quite big. On the front is a black and white image of the Zappi 2.
  • When you open the lid there’s an inner flap of cardboard that protects the charger and also acts as a template for the Zappi 2 charger install.
  • Quick installation guide.
  • Operation and installation manual.
  • Faceplate.
  • Charging unit.
  • 1 CT clamp.
  • A small packet of screws, washers, etc.

Second smaller box.

  • Zappi 2 hub which will talk to the Zappi via radiofrequency.
  • Information leaflet with serial number.
  • CAT 5 cable to connect to the router.
  • Plug.

Myenergi Zappi 2 tips.

When you have the Zappi charger installed make sure you ask the installer to demo the device. If you have a more complicated setup and lots of new Myenergo products I think this is really important as the manual isn’t that simple to follow BUT your installer will be fully trained so make use of them when they are there.

If you are an Octopus Energy customer and are on the  Agile tariff it’s important to note that you can only set the maximum price you are prepared to pay per kWh on the Myenergi website. There doesn’t seem to be an option to do this on the app. Also just remember you can’t uninstall firmware so maybe wait and see if anyone reports issues with updates before you go ahead and download to your Zappi 2.

There’s a myenergi forum which can provide lots of tips and advice.

✅Solar / wind compatible.☀️Price ❌
✅Smart charging with dynamic pricing compatibility.Big. ❌
✅Doesn't need an earth rod.
✅Lots of safety features eg Fuse protection.
✅Lots of add ons can be purchased when you have wind/solar.
✅I really like the LCD display on the unit.

What’s my personal opinion on the Myenergi Zappi 2?

I have this charger.  I don’t have solar panels but I would love to imagine that in the next year or so I will be able to install some. If you have solar panels it has to be one of the top choices as an EV charger.

There are other EV chargers that also integrate with solar and wind generation but the Zappi 2 really takes it to another level. I love gadgets so I would be in my element linking up my hot water and battery storage. To make the most of solar you really need to make sure you use as much as you can before exporting to the grid and Myenergi makes that easy.

If you think you would like to link a lot of devices up to the Myenergi system it’s good to remember you are not limited to 3 CT clamps. You can buy additional wifi CT clams (called harvi) from Myenergi.

If I wanted an out-of-the-box EV charger and I didn’t have solar panels, to be honest, I think I would opt for another unit BUT it really depends on your own needs and preferences. Generating your own energy at home is, without doubt, the way to go and Myenergi Zappi allows you to expand your home and future-proof your needs. So it’s not one simply to disregard if you don’t have solar at the moment.

If you like this charger but want to compare a similar unit take a look at Indra Smart Pro. I haven’t reviewed it yet but it has similar features and is also manufactured by a UK firm based near Malvern.

If you have made your choice on an EV home charger the next question is should you opt for tethered or untethered on your home charger?

✅ Own cable weird in.✅ Future proof.
❌ Fixed length cable with limit option to extend. ✅ Looks neater without the cable.
❌ If you leave the cable installed it could be stolen.✅ Can buy cable of any length if you need longer/shorter cable.
❌ Issue if EV sockets change in future ❌ Reconnect the cable each time you charge.
❌ Need to supply your own cable.

I think a lot of people would go for the untethered version. I know it would be my first choice.  The unit looks neater without the cable hanging around and there’s possibly less wear and tear with it not being outside in the elements.  In reality, untethered EV users report leaving the charging cable plugged in when they are busy or it’s raining. This leads to the risk of the EV charging cable being stolen. So you may well opt for the tethered version which has less risk of theft and you always have the cable to hand when you are in a rush. It’s all down to personal choice.

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