A redesign is underway to take on the challenge of the global chip shortage – Myenergi EV chargers leading the way.

Myenergi EV chargers – Jo Brompton is one of my favourite women in the EV charger sector. Why? because she always seems to be that step ahead reimaging how she can provide the best service to her customers.  Jo founded Myenergi in 2016 and by the end of 2017, she had 3 EV home chargers on the market.

myenergi ev chargersFast forward five years and Myenergi has a prominent space in the EV home charging market. The Myenergi Zappi, Eddie and Harvi chargers are some of the most popular chargers on the market. With demand being high and the global chip shortage causing delays across lots of sectors CEO and founder of Myenergi Jo Brompton has found a solution BUT I shouldn’t imagine it’s been easy!

As I understand it each of the new chargers on the Myenergi range has been redesigned to make use of a new more powerful but underutilised processing chip. This will enable Myenegi’s EV chargers to offer even more innovative solutions to home charging and also give them scope for upgrades in the future. It will also help Myenergi sidestep the global chip shortage! So it’s a great move and one that shows commitment to the market!

Who knows what the landscape will look like in a few years time. With EV’s set to outstrip ICE vehicles, I think we are in good hands if Myenergi can help lead the way in British design and technology. Well done Jo!!!

You can see the full range of Myenergi EV chargers HERE.

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