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Finding the right EV changer for your home must be up there on the list when you’re buying an electric vehicle.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have a drive or parking space next to their home to install their very own EV home charger but if you do then I would highly recommend reading through some EV home charger reviews to find that one that meets your needs.

My top 3 tips before you buy an EV home charger.

  1. Don’t rush into installing an EV charger. You can still charge your electric vehicle at home using a granny charger as a short-term solution.

A granny charger is a mobile EV charger supplied with your EV. It simply plugs into a 3-pin plug. I have used this method of charging and even though it is significantly slower it is possible to charge your EV by topping it up each evening this way. You can still sign up for a smart EV tariff with a granny charger and in my opinion making sure you have the right EV tariff is more important than the charger.

  • 2. Take your time researching your preferred EV home charger. In the UK there are lots of options. You may want to consider a charger that meets your needs both now and in the future. If you are considering installing solar as an example you may want to consider a charger that allows for this or you may just need a simple plug-and-go charger and anything else is just a waste of money.
  • 3. Research your installer. Make sure you look for reviews and if possible get recommendations. Even though they seem to know what they are talking about shoddy work on EV installations is very common. Shorts cuts seem to be taken in order to speed up installation time.
  • @sarah_go_green When you buy a new EV the most important thing to get sorted is an off-peak rate for home charging! #octopusenergy #evtariff #evhokecharging #newev ♬ original sound – sarah_go_green


    Charging your EV at home can save you both time and money.

    eo mini pro 2EO MIN PRO 2 REVIEW. The EV Mini Pro 2 claims to be the smallest EV charger in the world and can take solar charging as standard.
    wallbox pulser pulser reviewWallbox Pulser Plus Review. Small, simple to use, just plug in and charger. No earth rods required with this one.
    EV HOME CHARGER UKEvBox Elvi Review. You can start and stop charging with the tap of a card. Able to take multiple users on one charging unit. Packs a punch.
    zappi 2 chargerMyenergi Zappi 2. If you are thinking about or have solar panels this is one of the best chargers on the market.